Bobby Favis

Hello everyone! I just want to share my experience that happened recently at DogTown, specifically last Wednesday. As you all know, I'm one of the "oldest" member of the gym and I do rarely comment on things about people and other stuff not because I don't want to but I'm just a man of few words. 

So last week we all did heavy lifting, heavy squats on Monday at 85 to 90%, then heavy Deadlift on Tuesday at 82.5 to 94% and 45 strict toes to bar at the end, then light squats on Wednesday at 60% then we did Helen. Helen is a WOD that is one of the benchmarks in Crossfit, and this how we measure our improvement/decline, our strength/weakness and above all, mental toughness. Let me tell you, and I kid you not, I did Helen like I've never done before! I felt strong trough out the WOD and it's my first time to do it continously with the least amount of rest in between, and to think that I have bad shoulders and the 45 strict toes to bar the previous day made my shoulders and abs kinda fatigued. After the WOD I was able to recover right away too. And I'm not even having a good day....

What I'm trying to say is whatever strengthening program that Adam and company has programmed for us is actually working. Believe me, I've done Helen many times since DogTown's inception but never like I did last Wednesday, I couldn't believe the strength I had while I was doing the WOD and the feeling that you can actually finish the WOD still with a gallon in the tank makes me feel good.

--Bobby Favis