We have one of the most unique, thriving CrossFit communities and we are grateful for everyone that is part of it. While it is your job to show up to DogTown and get a kick ass workout, it is our job to keep you all safe and our space functioning efficiently and safely as well. Here are some things we want to remind everyone of because we know that it is easy to lose sight of them when you are coming in and out of the pain cave.

1.    Our equipment has feelings too.
We want our equipment to have longevity and we want all of it to be able to work for you. Please be considerate when using, putting down and putting away ALL equipment. Dumbbells for example, prefer to be placed on the floor, not tossed. Empty barbells should NEVER be dropped.  *Of course if you are ever in a situation where your safety is compromised, do what you must if it prevents injury and harm to you or someone else.

Also, just like people, the equipment takes pride on being clean and hygienic. Wipe down equipment for the next person.

Jump ropes should ALWAYS be returned NEATLY to the rack next to the cage. They get really angry when they are left tangled and haphazardly thrown onto a hook.

2.    Being spatially aware can save you a few hundred dollars.
No one wants someone else to drop a plate on their toe or get smacked in the face by someone’s foot in toes-to-bar.  We also want to steer clear of spontaneously doing a pull-up on the rig where another bar is right above it and land ourselves in Urgent Care to get stiches to sew our forehead back up (and a $900 Urgent Care bill).

It is so important to pay attention to our surroundings and other athletes, especially when we are all moving around from station to station. This may mean you have to wait a few seconds to do a movement. It is not the end of the world.

Having said that, once you pick your area you are working in, STICK TO IT. If someone is lifting and you switch locations to do double-unders for example, you are putting both of you at risk because the other person is not expecting you to be there.

3.    It is not cool to be fashionably late to class.
DO NOT be late to class. Not only is it disruptive to the class and disrespectful to the coaches, it could be detrimental to you. The classes are designed to have a dynamic warm up with stretching, which you should always do prior to jumping into the workout. If anything, come early to class to get in extra mobility work.

4.    Nobody likes a chalk whore.
The chalk is in buckets for a reason: to prevent it from flaking all over the floor. Please be kind and keep it in there. When you need it for your hands, just chalk up over the bucket. DO NOT take out pieces and leave it on the j-cups or by the rig.

5.    Selfies can wait.
Phones should be off limits during class for old school activities like texting, messaging, and calls. It is too distracting and takes your focus off what you are doing.

It is acceptable to use your phone for things like calculating your 1RM percentages, checking your log of past workouts and post workout photos/videos. See #2 above about being spatially aware.

6.    Listen up, Buttercup.
This is an entire blog in and of itself so stay tuned on that. We will say this: LISTEN TO YOUR COACHES! We know you have waited all day to tell your boxmate about the awesome PR you hit the other day, but tell them after class. NOT while your coaches are going over the movements.

You are paying for guidance and that’s what we are doing for you, which quite simply put, requires you to be good listeners. We want you to get stronger but more importantly, we want you to stay safe.

A few other items that fall under “House Keeping and Logistics”.

1.    Surprises are not always a good thing.
You should ALWAYS sign in to class prior to coming. Not only do we use it to shame you when you come back after taking a hiatus, but it helps the coaches plan for larger class sizes. We rather know in advance if we are going to have 20 people show up than it be a surprise so we can plan for necessary safety adjustments.

2.    We are not a frat house.
There is no eloquent way to write this one so here it is. Treat the bathrooms like you would at your own house (not a frat house). Please be sure to be clean. You know, like the old adage “Please be neat and wipe the seat.”

We do not want another overflow situation.

3.    Don’t be “That Guy” when you park.
The spots, especially the compact ones, are TIGHT. Be kind and make sure the neighboring cars can get in and out. Also, DO NOT block the DogTown coach spots. We are going to institute a 100 burpee penalty if you do.

4.    It is rude to leave the dinner table before everyone has finished eating.
Everyone at some point has been or will be the last person to finish a workout. And there is nothing more annoying and discouraging than having another person interfere with your final reps because they are stepping in front of you and getting in the way so they can put their stuff away.

Instead of getting in someone’s space, or bolting from the box completely when you are done, it will go a long way to give that person still going some encouragement and cheers. Tell them to keep pushing instead of chit chatting with someone coming into the next class.

Thanks everyone!
DogTown Staff