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Online Training

Whether you strive to be a competitive Crossfit Individual Athlete, wish to compete on your gym’s Crossfit Games Team, train for an adventure race, lose weight or just become more physically fit and feel great about yourself, our coaching staff will capture your individual goals and provide the tools necessary to achieve them.

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Here is what we offer:

  • An initial consultation (in person preferred, on the phone if necessary) to learn more about your lifestyle and goals.
  • Introduction-Physical Assessment and Movement Analysis.
  • Detailed response on areas of influence and weaknesses to be highlighted.
  • A detailed weekly workout program specialized for the individual. Each program is personalized and based on their performance within the assessment and analysis. Test and re-tests are completed to show progressions and also identify/evaluate where additional work/support should be provided.
  • The program is tailored to the season/sport/area of fitness you are in. Each individual will receive a shared online Google document with all the DogTown coaches. The document is made editable due to its continuous evolution.
  • The program is predicated on a general and inclusive fitness regimen based on CrossFit with a high focus on technique in Oly Lift and gymnastics movement. Our philosophy is about recovery and increasing work capacity across broad times and modal domains.
  • Nutrition prescription and recommendations from a Registered Dietician if desired
  • How to create the right mindset, stay focused and create self motivational cues
  • Evaluation of the individuals lifestyle and tips to permit substantial gains in all aspects of fitness.
  • Unlimited email access and response as well as up to two phone calls a month based on where you are in the world with the DOGTOWN COACHING STAFF.
  • Watch videos of work provided and offer feedback in a timely basis.

Join on Trainheroic!

Not the only option.......

Also Offered - DogTown Onsite Private and/or Group Training

  • All the amenities of the online individual personalized program.
  • Workouts are done at the DogTown Crossfit facility monitored by the coach providing feedback, encouragement and insight throughout the session.
  • The workouts and training sessions are created to assist and help one work toward their overall fitness goals.
  • Meeting and consultations after the workout to review weaknesses and offer positive feedback to address areas requiring further development.

For more information email info@dogtowncrossfit.com