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(Group/Intro/Level 1/All Levels)

Head Coach: Mike Vaccarella

The daily workouts are constantly varied, functional movements performed with an appropriate intensity to match the trainees ability level. Workouts vary from day to day and are designed to provide a broad base of general physical preparedness. Athletes are expected to log their progress so that they can track their growth and progression on the path to health and fitness. Starting with a warm up, athletes will get their bodies ready for the day’s training. Skill and technique work is followed by the work out of the day.

Olympic Lifting: Tuesdays @ 7:30pm
(Intro and All Levels)

Coach: Adam Noble

The Olympic Lifting Class focuses exclusively on proper technique for weightlifting. Athletes will work on improving their abilities in the snatch and the clean and jerk through drills, technique work, accessory exercises and of course plenty of classic lifting. We encourage all CrossFitters to take part in this class as form and technique are of crucial importance to success in weightlifting. The class is split into two groups. Intro to weightlifting is an ongoing class focusing on position, technique, and mobility for those who have never been exposed to weightlifting and those who seek a deeper base of knowledge on which to build their lifting prowess; trainees are encouraged to start here unless they have significant experience with weightlifting. Advanced weightlifting focuses more on the performance of the lifts, and improving skill and ability for trainees already comfortable with the basics of weightlifting.

Gymnastics: Thursdays @ 7:30pm
(All Levels)

Coach: Dusty Hyland

Gymnastics class is a specialized hour focusing on technique and strength building for bodyweight movements. In this class, athletes will experience a wide variety of skills ranging from proper body position to an increase efficiency for handstands and pull-ups, to progressions for advanced movements such as the muscle up and handstand walking. Let’s not forget about the FUN! We keep it fun in gymnastics class by including movements and skills not generally used in CrossFit workouts such as pullovers on the bar, tumbling, and mini-routines on the rings using basic skills. We have tools used by gymnasts that are not available in most CrossFit gyms such as parallel bars, a handstand trainer, and a mushroom. Learning further gymnastics skills will help any athlete with body awareness, position, and control. Not to mention it’s fun!